Board Games That Use Football

There is an entire world of board games out there that touch on subjects that many avid fans of board games don’t even realize exist. While most board games will either take a popular film and make a game out of it, or perhaps a classic scenario, like buying property in Atlantic City or solving a murder mystery in a Tudor mansion, many board games take their inspiration from ideas that the public is already well familiar with. Sports is a great world that offers unlimited opportunities for a compelling board game. Most sports can be easily adapted into a format which works well with a board game, although some of the best sports-oriented board games come from one of America’s favorite pastimes… football.

Football is perfectly designed to be adaptable as a board game. Two teams oppose each other on a flat field, each team working toward reaching the other end of the field. While one team holds possession of the ball, the other team does everything that they can manage to stop that team from working their way down the field. After the team loses its number of chances to make its way down the field, the ball passes to the other team, who then has their own chance to try to reach their desired end of the field and score.

Pizza Box Football is one of the best football board games available to the public currently. The box is actually shaped like a pizza box, with the playing space located inside. Once you unfold the board, the game turns into a head-to-head competition of scoring the highest number of points against your opponent. Cards will guide players through the simple mechanics of playing, but before long, any players of this game will quickly learn how to efficiently play this game.

Players need to employ football strategy to do well in this game. They will need to make smart decisions on when to run, when to pass, and when to fake out the other team. If players decide to indulge in the expansion set to the board game, they will have to deal with draws, screen passes, run blitzes, quarterback blitzes, and route jumping, just to name a few tactics. This game is great for both devoted football fans as well as casual viewers. It allows for players to play a lively game of football without any of the drawbacks of slamming each other into the mud.

Another easy way to play a quick game of football while staying in the safety of the indoors would be to play a lively game of Paper Football. This is an incredibly cheap board game that one could manufacture on their own, as it only consists of a piece of paper which is folded up into a basic triangular, football-esque shape and, potentially, a piece of paper to represent the football field complete with markings for every 10 yards. Players kick the ball back and forth, trying to reach the appropriate landing space for a touchdown, and occasionally kicking the ball to try for a field goal. A very quick and entertaining game, it also comes very cheap, which is a great selling point for many children who are trying to save their money!

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